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Let's Learn Something About Developing Educational Content!

In developing Educational Content a helpful recommendation for a Content Strategy is knowing the audience. In practice, developing persona(s) as a target profile is promoted to engage adaptively with those we think we are talking to. The following information, may help to build a persona(s) to adapt content to.

Suggested data basis:

  • Educational Level: School / College / Master / Practitioner

  • Industry and Job Position

  • What type of Marketing are you more interested in: ROI, Analytics, SEO, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Traditional Marketing, all of the above?


The educational segment proposes a development of clearly understandable directed content framed by trust, empathy, and an emotionally engaging language that increases the confidence and productivity of members and volunteers by integrating communications reflecting the association reputation and value for marketing and educational community relationships to promote membership growth goals.

Have a question about Educational Content? Contact Dr. Luis De La Cruz, Educational Content Chair, AMA South Florida Board at

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