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Meet the 2020 AMA Awards Winners

Updated: Feb 14

Like the invitation indicated at 7 pm on December 3rd at 100 Montaditos in Midtown, everything was ready to kick off the Awards Ceremony. Pedro Galvan, president of the South Florida Chapter board, together with the rest of the members of the board, welcomed the audience and the people watching the event from their houses.

After some introductory words on behalf of The American Marketing Association, Pedro began to announce the winners of the 2020 Marketing Awards. First, all the winners in the Silver category were announced and congratulated. After that, the winners of the Bronze Award were listed, and finally, the winners of the Gold category Award were announced.

Each present winner walked to the podium to receive their diploma and took a picture with all the members of the board, the rest of the winners watching the live stream from home received a warming applause and their diplomas were saved to be sent later.

After announcing all the winners the members of the Board awarded the selected Non-profit Organizations with a donation check on behalf of the American Marketing Association. Catalyst Miami, Autism and Music South Florida, and Pequeños Pasos were among the non-profit organization's recipients of this donation.

Complete List of Winners of the American Marketing Association Awards by Category:

Marketer of the Year:

  • Gold: Amanda Harris (A Muse Society)

  • Silver: Francisco Laza (S4M)

  • Bronze: Vanessa Fernandes (Clive Christian Perfume)

Up & Coming Marketer of the Year:

  • Gold: Jonathan Gimenez (Visualco)

  • Silver: Reyna Lopez (Kaplan)

  • Bronze: Alexandra Dos Santos (Wynwood Padel Club)

Agency of the Year:

  • Gold: Flowhance (Davis Nuñez)

  • Silver: Lauren Casgren-Tindall (Creme de Mint)

  • Bronze: Juan Jose Nuñez (Vertical 3Media)

  • Bronze: Mayna Nevarez (Nevarez Communications)

Marketing Department of the Year

  • Gold: Mario Monroy (Duracell)

  • Silver: Nohemi Melgar (Plus Ti)

  • Bronze: Tadeo Ospina (Latin American Security Association)

Global Campaign of the Year

  • Gold: Tadeo Ospina (Alas)

  • Silver: Juan Jose Nuñez (Vertical 3Mediat)

  • Bronze: Marcos Amadeo (The Amazement Agency)

  • Bronze: Dan Grech (BizHack Academy)

Non Profit Campaign of the Year

  • Gold: Florencia Pascuzzo (Pequeños Pasos)

  • Silver: Patricia Kayser (Autism and Music)

Non Profit Firm of the Year

  • Gold: Miami Music Project

  • Silver: Lian Navarro (Miami Rescue Mission)

  • Bronze: Santiago Bunce (Catalyst Miami)

Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year

  • Gold: Marcos Amadeo (The Amazement Agency)

  • Silver: Nohemi Melgar (Plus Ti)

  • Silver: Audrey Goff (The Moore Agency)

  • Bronze: Lauren Casgren-Tindall (Creme de Mint)

  • Bronze: Jessica Wein (Maestro Vision)

Direct Marketing Campaign of the Year

  • Gold: Diego de Vera (-KO ZONE)

  • Silver: Richard Quevedo (SMX Service & Consulting)

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